510(k) Pre-Market Notification Submission


We will…


A Not Substantially Equivalent (NSE) letter will cause market entry delays, additional fees paid to FDA, and additional expenditure for further tests.

We will work with you utilizing the pre-submission process with FDA to minimize the potential of an NSE letter.

The 510(k) did not convince the reviewer of substantial equivalence.

We know a successfully written 510(k) presents a coherent and consistent Substantial Equivalence argument for the predicate device throughout the entire 510(k). Our FDA 510(k) compliance consulting services will ensure that your 510(k) is written in a clear and coherent manner.


FDA 510(k) Reviewers expect specific data, data analysis, and conclusions, since they review competitors’ 510(k)s. Will your 510(k) measure up?

By making sure we are collecting high quality, necessary data, your business will not spend time and money developing data that will not be adequate or necessary to prove Substantial Equivalence.

Your product is more unique than your competitors, and you are concerned you may not have the right predicate device for your 510k.

Products we have obtained 510(k) clearance have ranged from very obvious predicate devices, to multiple predicates with which to demonstrate Substantial Equivalence.

Your product is unique, and you are not sure 510(k) is the right way to go. 

We have conducted pre-submission meetings with FDA and our clients to identify the concerns the FDA may have with the proposed submission.


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