Root Cause Analysis Consulting

The Diagnostic Journey – Theory to Root Cause

Root cause analysis is a diagnostic journey your team will make to identify the root cause of a nonconformance.

Vision28 approach to root cause analysis is based upon Juran’s approach combined with over 20 years of training and leading teams to successful problem resolution.

Vision28 Problem Resolution Approach

  • Formulation of Theories
    •             Brainstorming
    •             5 whys
  • Arranging theories by commonality
    •             Fish Bone diagrams
    •             Relational tables
    •             6 M: Method, Nature, People, Measurement, Machines, Materials
  • Choosing Theories to Test
    •             Group Weighted Analysis
    •             Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Testing Theories
    •             Design of Experiments
    •             Predicted Outcomes
    •             Statistical Significance
  • Identifying Solutions
    •             Actual outcome v. Predicted Outcome with Statistical Confidence
  • Validating Solutions
    •             Pre-Approved Protocols
    •             Acceptance Criteria
    •             Statistical Analysis

Vision28 can guide you through your root cause analysis process to help you minimize false starts and provide transparency, facilitating management oversight of the process.